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020 _a9780071220835
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082 _a658.049
100 _aHill, Charles W.L.
245 _aInternational business: competing in the global marketplace
250 _a8th ed.
260 _bMcGraw-Hill,
_aNew York :
300 _axxiii, 718p. :
_bcolor illustrations, color map
505 _tPart One - Introduction and Overview Chapter 1- Globalization Part Two- Country Differences Chapter 2 National Differences in Political Economy Chapter 3 Differences in Culture Chapter 4 Ethics in International Business Cases: Google in China Mired in Corruption-Kellogg, Brown & Root in Nigeria Part Three - The Global Trade and Investment Environment Chapter 5 International Trade Theory Chapter 6 The Political Economy of International Trade Chapter 7 The Political Economy of Foreign Direct Investment Chapter 8 Regional Economic Integration Cases: NAFTA and the US Textile Industry Martin's Textiles Agricultural Subsidies and Development Boeing versus Airbus Starbucks Foreign Direct Investment Part Four - The Global Monetary System Chapter 9 The Foreign Exchange Market Chapter 10 The International Monetary System Chapter 11 Global Capital Markets Cases: Argentina's Monetary Crisis Part Five - The Strategy and Structure of International Business Chapter 12 The Strategy of International Business Chapter 13 The Organization of International Business Chapter 14 Entry Strategy and Strategic Alliances Cases: The Global Automobile Industry IKEA Downey's Soup Part Six - International Business Operations Chapter 15 Exporting, Importing, and Countertrade Chapter 16 Global Production, Outsourcing, and Logistics Chapter 17 Global Marketing and R&D Chapter 18 Global Human Resource Management Chapter 19 Accounting in the International Business Chapter 20 Financial Management in the International Business Cases: Li & Fung Castrol Oil in Vietnam China Mobile
520 _a'International Business' addresses the strategic, structural and functional implications of international business in firms around the world.
650 0 _aInternational enterprises
_xInternational business enterprises
_xInternational economic relations
_xCompetition, International.
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